Temporary Warehouse Structures

Whether you need to expand your current warehouse, or acquire a new one, at Field and Lawn, we can design, manufacture, and deliver a temporary warehouse that meets all your storage requirements. 

Not only are temporary warehouse structures a more affordable alternative to traditional brick warehouses, they offer more flexibility in their design. Our storage warehouses can be built to any specification, so you get the exact design, size, and features that you need, without compromise.    

Working with our manufacturing partner, Protan Elmark, our refined processes enable us to design and assemble your temporary industrial warehouse quickly. Our structures are also easily dismantled, meaning they can be moved to a new location with minimal disruption to your operations. The flexible nature of our constructions mean that they can be built on almost any surface.

Temporary Storage Warehouses That Can be Used All Year Round

Our temporary storage buildings can be used all year round, in all weather conditions. Manufactured from the highest quality steel components and PVC, our warehouses are resistant to high winds, heavy rain, and snow - they can even be used in freezing temperatures.

Temporary Heated Warehouses

Because our temporary storage warehouses are built using materials with high insulation properties, they can be used as heated storage buildings. By installing a heating system in our structures, you can achieve optimum temperatures to meet your storage requirements. Whether you need storage for food and drink, agricultural produce, or other temperature-sensitive goods, our temporary heated warehouses are an ideal choice.

Secure, Resistant Coverings

As well as using high quality PVC, we also build our warehouses using trapezoidal metal sheet, which is high-performing and cost effective. This durable material is ideal for temporary warehouses in the UK, where all weather conditions are to be expected. Trapezoidal metal is also very robust, providing your structure with extra security against intrusions.

A Range of Temporary Warehouse Structures

The flexible nature of our lightweight, yet robust structures means that we can design temporary storage structures to exact specifications. Regardless of size, our aluminium profiles enable us to build warehouses to your precise requirements in a short space of time. The multifunctional nature of our temporary warehouses means that they can be designed for a variety of purposes. Whether you need a warehouse for industrial storage, large-scale events, or sports venues, we can accommodate your needs.

Available Sizes


10 m

Roof Type

gable roof



Side Height



aluminium / steel

Side Walls

trapezoidal sheet t-18 / t-35;
insulated sandwich panel 40mm / 60mm

Roof Pitch

steel structure 18°
aluminium structure 22°

Roof Ridge Height 22° 


Roof Ridge Height 18° 


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"Many thanks for the quick, efficient service and to the crew for the safe dismantle and relocation of the structure."

Andrew Spence, Project Manager, Mearns & Gill