Temporary Industrial Structures

Our temporary industrial structures are used by companies in a range of industries. We currently supply structures to businesses in the food and drink, retail, agriculture, logistics, automotive, and sports events sectors. 

Our portable buildings are quick to assemble, can be tailored to your exact requirements, and are easily dismantled for transportation. Whether you need warehouse storage, an events arena, or an exhibition space, our temporary industrial structures are a flexible, affordable choice.

Temporary Industrial Structures for Any Climate

All of our portable industrial buildings are made from the highest quality materials that are carefully procured from proven suppliers. They are chosen specifically for their insulating properties and resistance to extreme temperatures. Our structures can be used all year round and offer protection from high winds, driving rain, and heavy snow. They can even be used in freezing temperatures. Every component of our industrial buildings is certified and meets European standards.

Durable, Secure Coverings

Our temporary industrial structures are built using trapezoidal metal sheet, a high-performing material that offers great durability. This high-quality material is the perfect choice for industrial buildings in the UK and Europe, where weather conditions can be changeable. The hard-wearing nature of trapezoidal metal means that it doesn’t need to be replaced regularly and provides security against intrusions.

A Selection of Temporary Industrial Structures

Whatever your requirements, we have a large selection of structures to choose from, available in a range of sizes. And if you need a custom-built facility, we can design, build, and deliver a structure that meets your exact specifications. With over 30 years’ experience in producing temporary structures, we have the processes in place to guarantee quick build times. Whether you need an industrial building for a large-scale event, industrial storage, or sports venues, we can accommodate your needs.

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"Many thanks for the quick, efficient service and to the crew for the safe dismantle and relocation of the structure."

Andrew Spence, Project Manager, Mearns & Gill