Sports Arena Structures

For over 30 years, we’ve been providing sports arena structures for some of the biggest sports events in the UK and Europe. We’ve developed effective processes that assure the design, manufacture, and delivery of your structure is first-class.

Our structures can be used for a variety of sporting events, including tennis, ice skating, and even horse riding. Because our structures are portable, they are a flexible, cost-effective alternative to permanent brick buildings.

Our sports arena structures are quick to install and easily dismantled, so they can be moved to a new location seamlessly. They can be built on a range of surfaces and are suitable for use all year round – even in high winds and snowstorms. Our structures are made from the highest quality materials, ensuring complete security and comfort.

Heated and Cooled Sports Arena Structures

Working with our trusted sub-contractors, we can provide a highly-efficient heating and cooling system for your structure, tailored to your needs and budget. The materials that we use are of the highest standard and have high insulation properties to ensure that your structures can be used 12 months of the year, in any climate. 

Sports Arena Structures for International Events 

We have a range of temporary sports structures to choose from in a variety of sizes. We can also custom-build your arena to your exact specifications. Whether you require large structures with grandstand facilities for mass events, or smaller arenas for local competitions, we can create the perfect structure for your needs. 

We guarantee that your structure will be built in accordance with all health and safety, and construction regulations. At Field and Lawn, we design, construct, and deliver aesthetically stunning sports structures worthy of an international audience.

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"Many thanks for the quick, efficient service and to the crew for the safe dismantle and relocation of the structure."

Andrew Spence, Project Manager, Mearns & Gill