Industrial Storage Structure Relocation Project

Tuesday 19 July, 2016

By Field & Lawn

Field and Lawn Bristol are in the process of a rapid relocation of a 15m x 35m industrial storage structure. Due to business relocation, the structure had to be cleared from site in a matter of days and transported to a new location.

Once dismantled the hard sides were transported and cleaned, all parts were fully serviced and prepped to ensure a seamless install into its new location. The new site already had a level concrete base which aided the installation and securing of the structure.

An industrial marquee frame being built

Field and Lawn can not only provide a range of commercial and industrial structures, but we also have an experienced structure installation crew including plant operators. Our teams can assist or fully manage the dismantling and building of a range of different industrial structures.  We can also provide maintenance call outs to ensure structures are fully secured and weathertight.

To find out more about our Commercial and Industrial Structure Hire service, get in touch with us at your nearest branch.

Constructing an industrial storage unit An industrial marquee structure being built