A temporary structure for Peterhead Warehouse, Scotland

Cost Effective Solutions When Your Business Needs That Extra Space

Tuesday 28 March, 2017

By Field & Lawn

When you need extra space for business expansion, a corporate relocation or a sudden increase in customer demand, you need the right structure for the job. Field and Lawn Marquees has an extensive range of industrial and temporary storage structures to fit every requirement.

All our temporary structures are weatherproof - summer or winter - and secure. Snow loading capacity of up to 75kg per square metre and wind loadings in excess of 90mph are available. Structures can be heated or air-conditioned and quickly constructed to allow you to continue work with minimum interruption. Flexible, affordable and effective, our extra space solutions fit a whole range of situations, each tailored to your specific requirements:

• Temporary Secure Storage
• Warehousing
• Retail
• Business Continuity Needs
• Emergency Response Buildings
• Transport and Logistics
• Construction
• Sport and Leisure

An industrial temporary structure being used as a warehouse in Peterhead An industrial marquee at Peterhead, Scotland

Our Solutions

Using aluminium frame structures we can place weatherproof industrial facilities, of almost any size, on almost any type of site. We can erect a temporary structure to cover more than 2,500 square metres in one day and offer a huge range of industry leading products, tailored to your specifications. There is also complete flexibility on the periods of hire from as little as a week to several years and, in some cases, we can incorporate sale and buyback arrangements.

The product range includes special high sided structures with eaves to accommodate storage racking of up to 6.2 metres, corrugated or insulated walling and thermo-inflated roof options. Workgrade special grip flooring and vehicle entry roller shutter doors can provide your storage facility with the look and feel of a permanent structure but at a fraction of the cost. We can also relocate or remove our structures easily and quickly if your requirements change.

We are happy to assist you in delivering a bespoke design and can provide you with scale drawings to your exact requirements.

A blueprint for a marquee


At Field & Lawn Marquees our teams of experts are aware of regulatory requirements including planning permissions and building specifications, and can also offer ground preparation advice where necessary. We will adhere to your specific Health & Safety requirements and also have our own strictly controlled procedures in place to ensure safe erection, operation and dismantle. For product, people and specialist industrial requirements, we make the space.

Contact us

For more information or a quotation for your specific requirements please contact us at your most convenient branch. Should you wish to speak to one of our clients in your sector, we can put you in touch. Provide us with a few details and we will arrange for them to explain what we have done for them, and what we can do for you.