Dome Tents

Spherical tents are an optional choice of venue for seasonal or one-off events. Not only are they modern and stylish but they are highly functional. Our industrial dome tents are robust and can be used all year round. They offer protection against extreme weather conditions, including high winds, driving rain, and heavy snow.

At Field and Lawn, we can custom-build a dome tent to meet your exact specifications. Whatever your requirements, we will provide an affordable, secure structure for your event or other commercial needs. 

Providing Dome Tents Throughout Europe and the UK

Dome Tents have been provided to countries all over Europe, including Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, and Norway. These structures have been supplied to some of the biggest companies in Europe including a 37-metre dome tent for Volvo in Sweden and a large structure for the UK version of the talent show Got to Dance.

Stylish and Contemporary Designs

A dome tent makes the perfect venue for a range of events. The modern designs bring a touch of elegance to any gathering. Whether you need a temporary venue for a music festival, an exhibition, or a ceremony, this structure will add character and create a positive image of your company.

Dome Tents for Weddings

If you need an unusual portable venue for your wedding, then a wedding dome tents may be the ideal choice. The structures can be assembled on almost any terrain, in any climate, meaning you can celebrate in your perfect location. A wedding dome tent is waterproof, offering comfort and safety in any weather conditions. With a temporary wedding structure, you have a venue suitable for any time of the year.

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"Many thanks for the quick, efficient service and to the crew for the safe dismantle and relocation of the structure."

Andrew Spence, Project Manager, Mearns & Gill