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Why Choose a Temporary Warehouse Structure?

At Field and Lawn, we provide a wide selection of temporary structures for industrial and commercial use. We build semi-permanent warehouses, portable industrial buildings, commercial tents, and sports arena structures. Our portable warehouses are an affordable and cost-effective alternative to traditional storage warehouses.

High Resistance Temporary Structures

Our structures are built to withstand even the most adverse weather conditions. Built from highly-resistant materials, your structure will be completely protected against high winds, heavy rain, freezing temperatures and snow. Working with our partner Protan Elmark, we use the highest quality materials that guarantee safety and protection.

Temporary Warehouses & Industrial Storage Structures

Our portable warehouses and storage structures can be used for a variety of purposes, by a range of trades and businesses. Our industrial tents and marquees are currently being widely used by the Food and Drink, Retail, Sporting Venue, Logistics, Agriculture and Automotive industries.

When you hire one of our structures, you get complete control over its specification, so that it fits your needs exactly. You can specify the material, the dimensions, the wall materials, and the door systems – you can even choose the colour.

Our temporary warehouses and industrial structures are a practical, economical alternative to permanent, traditional brick buildings. They give businesses the freedom to be location independent, working from temporary bases for any length of time. All of our structures can be dismantled, moved, and re-installed quickly and efficiently.

We also offer the option to rent or purchase our structures outright.

Field and Lawn operate three other key divisions - Marquee Hire, City Dressing and Christmas Lighting across the UK.

Mission & Values

At Field and Lawn, our mission is to be the best and most efficient temporary industrial structures company in the UK. Being the most efficient means providing the highest quality service we can, using the finest equipment. It means doing what we say we will do and working closely with our customers to resolve issues. We will become a part of your team, providing great value for your money.

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"Many thanks for the quick, efficient service and to the crew for the safe dismantle and relocation of the structure."

Andrew Spence, Project Manager, Mearns & Gill